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Weather conditions cause significant damages to a building’s exterior, which combined with the poor isolation leads to quick deterioration of the structures. Very often these damages manifest in the form or concrete rot and reinforcement corrosion on the walls and balcony slabs, which unless repaired cause the decay and crumbling of the building’s facade.

The damages are repaired by cleaning the current and adding new concrete work, after which all components get the appropriate waterproofing and thermal insulation. With this step we bring the outer shell of the building up to contemporary standards, again with the goal of raising its efficiency and lowering its energy consumption.

The following phase involves a selection of durable exterior materials, which if chosen well, lengthen a building’s life span, also benefitting the future generations of residents. Apart from the crucial choice of wall finishes, this process involves window and door frames, shutters, windscreens, balcony flooring and balustrades that must fulfill the height regulations. Since these elements make up the aesthetic qualities of the buildings, significant attention must be paid to the detailing, the coherency of the materials and uniformity of the palette, all selected with respect to the indegenious architecture and the atmosphere of the urban context.





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  • Waterproofing

  • Thermal insulation

  • Facade panels

  • Balcony flooring

  • Balustrades

  • Windows and door frames

  • Windscreens, sun canopies and shutters

  • Light fixtures



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