The façade of the building is currently composed of concrete silex stones which were a popular choice in the 70s- 80s. However, due to the lack of waterproofing, the finish withers from elements of nature such as sea salt and rains. The water from rains does not only damage the façade, but it also enters the structural elements resulting in a severe case of concrete rot. This is partially due to the fact that the reinforcement cage is located too close to the surface.

The renovation process resolves this issue by entirely removing the massive concrete panels. We then add an adequate waterproofing in the balconies and roof, and insulation layer on the vertical elements. The finish consists of a thinner, lighter and more contemporary composition of natural stone.

Apart from facing issues on the front façade, the structure also deteriorates in the back. The back façade was finished with a brick wall, which was held by the structure through steel anchors. These corroding anchors, along with damaged reinforcement, posed a safety hazard and needed to be replaced. We use the thickness of the removed brick façade to replace it with an insulation layer and a simple plaster finish.

  • Location: Duinbergen

  • Use: Residential

  • Year of construction: /

  • Status: Completed 2017

  • Study: Shell

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Noemi ChausidisDuinbergen