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The apartment buildings from the 1960/70s are significantly outdated in terms of their internal installation systems, unable to meet the current needs for functionality and energy efficiency. As a result of their old deteriorating state they experience frequent malfunctions, and some even pose a potential fire hazard that requires regular check-ups.

Considering that the heating systems account for the biggest percentage of a building’s energy consumption, their renewal, specifically considering the chimneys, has been one of the main priorities in many redevelopments. With the next steps of the European Ecodesign Directive being implemented in 2019, the urge for modernizing these systems is even greater.

Additionally, these residential buildings could be optimized by installing solar panels, water pumps and efficient roofs, all working together to make the homes more sustainable for the environment and affordable for their residents.


Energy consumption in eu HOUSEHOLDS

by ec.europa.eu/eurostat

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  • Heating and cooling

    • Geothermal

    • Heat pumps

    • Condensing gas boilers

  • Ventilation

  • Electricity

    • Solar panels

  • Water supply

    • Rainwater collection systems

    • Water pumps

  • Central installations systems