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The fast-growing rate of our cities pushes us to consider alternative methods of densification without occupying additional ground floor space. Upgrading our current structures seems like the optimal solution since it keeps the surrounding context open to hold different public spaces and green zones.

By doing a pre-study we can determine if an existing structure can be additionally reinforced in order to take on the load of extra layers. In most cases it would involve an extension of one or two floors that have a significant change in the value of the building. The raised financial gain gives owners the ability to direct more funds in other aspects of the redevelopment that benefit all residents, such as installations, exterior or landscaping. In addition to this, the enlargement process is an opportunity for architects to reinvent the aesthetic characteristic of these post-war structures, which are usually quite mundane and dull.


densification of urban blocks





  • Secondary structure

    • Steel additions

    • Wood additions

  • Penthouses

  • Flexible extensions